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ITAM in 2020: Contract Skills, Buying Controls and XaaS

In 2020, IAITAM predicts that the IT Asset Manager will need to adjust their duties and team relationships as technology and business evolve in the New Year.

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  • Employee Error to Blame for Massive Data Leak, Wyze Says

    Employees frequently do not understand their role in keeping data safe, which is why ITAM is so crucial. An employee awareness program may have saved the organization from any data exposure. Employee awareness programs are designed to prevent incidents like this from happening by informing ...more

  • ITAM in 2020: Contract Skills, Buying Controls and XaaS

    Theres a saying that goes back for centuries about contract law: A contract is a contract is a contract. But if you have been an IT Asset Manager long enough, you know those black and white words quickly become gray when dealing with software license agreements. ...more

  • Mysterious Green Ooze on Michigan Highway Came From Waste Site

    The hazardous liquid was contaminated with a material commonly found in IT assets, hexavalent chromium. Properly disposing IT assets is vital to protecting the planet and those who live on it. It also protects an organizations reputation. How horrible would it be if it was ...more


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